About Us


When we speak of elegance, it is indispensable to speak of sharline. Talking about some sharline design is to speak of attraction, envy and admiration, our sharline are luxury pieces designed to get our customers in love and fascinated. Sharline designs are exclusive, spectacular, tempting, ladies see and them want them, there is nothing more desirable than the unattainable, ultimate luxury and synonymous with mega elegance, our sharline are impeccable, accompanied by excellence and high quality, being the first in the world. The development of our sharline is the result of the best colombian craftsmans who with their hands, talent and dedication, manufacture exclusive pieces that sharline only provides, fulfilling international high quality standards.

Sharline is a supreme luxury symbol, manufactured with the best crocodile skins, the best selection of colors and complemented in its interior with a soft, excellent and luxurious goat leather imported from the united states; its metalized parts covered in skin that contrast to perfection with the distinction of the crocodile skin. On request, diamonds, emerald, ruby, gold and silver can be added and the real value of the sharline will be lost.

It is demonstrated that a sharline with exclusive skins costs more than you have added gold or silver. Six crocodile species and four sub-species out of the twenty-three that exist in the world live in colombia. Our sharline are prepared with these exclusive skins and have the best quality, the unique colombian crocodials with which we make our sharline are cocodrylus trigonatus and popelbrosus and the black caiman melanuchus niger.