Terms And Conditions



After you have made the purchase, we are obliged to comply with delivery in an estimate of about 8 working days depending on the degree of complexity to manaufacture the product. Remember that you are buying an exclusive luxury product, which is manufactured in an artisanal way and that is not produced in volume by machinery.

It is for this reason that we take time and detail to make our products something completely unique and artisanal. Another variable in deliverying times you should know is the customs times which are subject to any product regulated by national and international environmental standards as the cocodriluss fuscus derived skin products are. Delivery time would increase in 1 to 3 days, but that will depend strictly on the country where you are.

We will serve you and count on you in this process of purchase and delivery times, we hope to be of total help in the pre and post sales service of our product since we choose exclusivity and luxury as a lifestyle and for us it is very important to be able to fulfill these expectations and do all the best possible to execute the estimated deadlines, this is why you can contact us on the phone numbers: +573163222735 and the email [email protected] for customer service and we will help you with pleasure.

The general conditions of sale set forth here are part of the price and offer list of c.i sharline elegancia internacional; and in case of divergencies with the commercial conditions detailed in the proposal, these clauses will prevail:




All the efforts have been carried out to guarantee the accuracy of the information present in the line sheet catalog of c.i. Sharline elegancia internacional website and its suppliers, however, they are not responsible for the consequences, incidents, damages resulting from the accuracy of information transmitted on electronic via, all photos and descriptions are not contractual, some colors may vary according to the light, brightness and quality of the screen where they are seen.

Offers and prices period of validity the offers pacted on the prices of the product shall have the validity that the seller indicates in the notes at the purchaser’s side. Prices shown on the web site or line sheet have validity in and out of the country for the time that c.i sharline elegancia internacional consider on its interests.




The guarantee of our products is subject to return when the damage is due to a manufacturing defect and never for undue use or bad treatment for misuse. As soon as you receive the product there is a deadline for the customer of 3 days to make a claim and subsequent change, the return of the freight will be by dhl company, after this, c.i sharline elegancia internacional, will respond to the importer to change of goods in the 15 days following the arrival of the merchandise to the manufacturing point.




The product will be delivered according to deadlines previously mentioned according to times of production, deliverying times and customs times, on the sites that both parties agree (export by incoterms, 2000), without including the unload. In the event of place change, deadline or unload, the new agreement must be formalized at least 15 (fifteen) days before the initial date, and c.i sharline elegancia internacional will check the freight costs and delivery times.







They Will Be Considered Unexpected Events And Force Majeure Those In Which The Goods Will Not Arrive At Their Destiny On Time And / In Optimal Conditions

  • Natural disasters such as: earthquakes, marmeters, fires or floods officially declared catastrophic
  • Terrorist acts, crowds or war situations.
  • Legal determinations that exceed the will of the parties and the guidelines that do not depend on decisions of neither c.i sharline elegancia internacional elegance, nor of the client.
  • In these cases, the affected party shall communicate the fact in writing to the other party within a period of 7 (seven) days, providing documentation to confirm such occurrence.




C.I sharline elegancia internacionaltests the products according to cites standards of the ministry of environment in force for export and national dagma standards for manufacturing products with exotic skins.

C.I sharline elegancia internacional is at this time in the process of implementing the icontec technical standards in force with the intention of continuous improvement of all its production processes.




Since ironwork, closures, magnets and other imported accessories are used from countries such as italy, usa and germany in manufacturing processes of bags, any variation in the conditions of import due to government acts, strikes or delays in importation permits by the competent authorities of such countries, as well as restrictions by themselves and implying proved delays of our production will be considered “force majeure”.





The city of cali colombia is established for the effect of disputes of any reason, related to the execution of any contract or request accepted by c.i sharline elegancia internacional.



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